I have been practicing metal and jewelry arts for ten years, selling in small galleries and boutiques. My portfolio of jewelry art consists of two areas. The first is a very limited production line of everyday easy to wear jewelry. In this work it is my intent to make accessories that are noticeable and unique. In the second area, I strive to build wearable art that is original. These are limited and one of a kind collectable works of contemporary jewelry art. In all of my jewelry I apply principals that will ensure good quality and craftsmanship. I’m happiest when I am able to make art freely without the boundaries of marketplace aesthetics.

I use elements in my pieces that to me, deserve preservation and in some cases should be honored. They are items I have decided to treasure, take care and notice of. Some may be wonders in themselves as works of art found in the natural world while others may have been created with great intention by human hands. I see a tendency in current culture to discard or to disregard many things. It may be due to their seeming simplicity or possibly the ease in which a reasonable facsimile can be produced. Sometimes just the mere size and uselessness of the item in and of itself makes it easily overlooked or discardable. Some of the items are things that you might imagine found rattling around the bottom of a cardboard box in a second hand store, possibly representing times gone by and potentially destined for a landfill. Encasing these elements in metal provides strength and preservation for the otherwise insignificant and maybe delicate item. The presentation gives a heightened sense of importance to the item and in a sense preserves the item for all time.